WHERE ARE THEY:  In conversations, several people has wondered where, what happened, to their boyhood friends. We are hoping that we will be able to reestablish connections. If you know where some of these people live, please let us know using the "mail to" link below. We would like not only their address and phone number but also their e-mail address.

From Ron Bjokne:
Is there is a way to contact, via EM, some of the other
former Lowry residents.  Sharon Bennett, for example was a year younger than
I, and made a large contribution to the Bennett family history.  I have
totally lost track of her since about 1958.  Karen Schmidt, who was Sig
Rykhus' step-daughter, was referred to in Sharon's commentary, as was Barb
and Barb Nelson.  RB

What about Dorothy Chan. We found Dorothy. We will send her address to you when you send your name, address and e-mail address below.

Send reply to:  lowrygroup@lowrymn.com