LOWRY, a city in section 24 of Ben Wade Township, platted in March 1887 and incorporated as a village on May 5, 1896, was named in honor of Thomas Lowry, who was born in Logan County, Ill., February 27, 1843, and died in Minneapolis, February 4, 1909. He was admitted to the bar in 1867 and in the same year came to Minnesota, settling in Minneapolis, where he practiced law and dealt in real estate; was president and principal stockowner of the company operating the street railways of Minneapolis and St. Paul, called the Twin City Rapid Transit Company. The post office began as Ben Wade in 1884, with John L. Johnson, postmaster; when the Soo Line came in 1887, the name was changed to Lowry, and John E. Benson, who had a store in the township for many years, moved it to Lowry, becoming the first postmaster.

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LOWRY: A Very Progressive Trade Center
Some Facts about Lowry

The townsite of Lowry  was laid out in 1887 by the Soo Railway Company on land owned by Thomas Hume and Hugh Bryce who had settled in that part of Ben Wade about the year 1869.

Lowry has an admirable location from a business standpoint. In this part of the state, the prosperity of the farmer is to a very large extend the measure of the prosperity of the average business man, and Lowry is fortunate being located in the midst of rich and fertile land settled by thrifty, hardworking farmers who have made a success of their vocation and who have forged their way ahead of prosperity and comfort.

Since the original townsite was laid out several additions have been plotted and a large number of beautiful modern homes have been built.

Lowry was incorporated as a village in 1896 when articles of incorporation and suitable ordinances were prepared and adopted. the members of the first village council were: President: Martin Bartos; trustees, Palmer Cox, E. R. Benson and Hugh Bryce: recorder, Robert Wilson. Other officers were E. O Holen, Treasurer; Ole J. Sandvig, justice of the peace and George Bryce, marshall.

Lowry is a mighty good business town and has a splendid set of progressive business men who in several respects have lead towns of similar and larger size in public improvements. Particularly is this true in the matter of road building. During the past summer the village fathers under the leadership of Mayor I. W. Minsensol invested in a gasoline tractor and a grader and have with these implements put every street in the village in first class condition.

In common with business men of other towns the Lowry business men have always shown a commendable interest in cooperation with the farmers of their territory in the manner of securing better markets for farm products. A cooperative farmers elevator and a creamery were built years ago by the combined efforts of farmers and business men. Their institutions have been important factors in making Lowry one of the best trade centers in this section of the state.

The Lowry Telephone Company is a prominent business institution of the community and serves a larger number of patrons then any other company in the county.

Excellent fire protection is afforded by a well organized fire department well equipped with fire apparatus.

Lowry has three progressive general mercantile establishments. One of these, owned and conducted by W Bisek, has recently been moved into new quarters on the east side of main street. Mr. Bisek's new building is well planned and substantially built. Its splendid display windows offer exceptional advantages for advertising a well selected stock of dependable merchandise.

Wm. McIver has conducted a general store many years and has established and maintained a reputation for fair and honorable merchandising. He carries a fine stock of merchandise and enjoys an extensive patronage. 

John Hanson who has been in the general mercantile business at Lowry a relatively short time is gradually increasing his patronage. He is conservative in his business methods and believes thoroughly in building up his business on a firm foundation. He carries mainly staple articles of the best quality. 

One of the busiest business institutions of the village in the Lowry Roller Mills. During a large part of the year they work both day and night shifts. Their flour and other products find a ready market throughout this section of the state. The mill is owned by Misensol and Leslie, two of Lowry's most substantial and progressive business men.

Very few banks in smaller towns of the state are stronger institutions than the Lowry State Bank, of which I. M. Engrebretson is the efficient cashier. It does a large business and its strength is evidence of the prosperity of the entire community.

Gust Nelson, manager of the Lowry Lumber Company, has been a resident of Lowry many years. He is an efficient business man who has built up a splendid business for the company of which he is manger.

The Lowry Hardware Store is managed by Ole Hoplin and David Nelson. Both of these gentlemen have been added to Lowry's business fraternity in recent years and are fast establishing  a reputation as efficient and capable business men.

Smedstad Brothers conducts one of the most sanitary meat markets in the county. L. O. Smedstad has an exceptionally well managed restaurant. C. A. Berg gives excellent service at the Lowry hotel. C. B. Lidstrom deals exclusively in shoes and operates a first class barber shop in connection with his shoe store. A. O. Lyson the accommodating postmaster, has been prominently connected with almost every public movement in the community. An excellent automobile garage and livery is conducted by Hardy and Hagstrom. P. J. Chan has a well kept pool room and enjoys good patronage.

One of the pioneer merchants of the village is John J. Hagstrom who is conducting an exclusive farm implement business. He has a harness shop in connection with this business and has the agency for some of the best automobiles on the market.

C. C. Middents conducts an excellent drug store and draws trade from a wide territory.

One of the recent additions to the business fraternity of the village is the Equity trading Company, well managed by Wm. Bennett, a successful farmer in the community.

The Lowry Shipping Association does a large business. Mr. Weaver is the efficient buyer for the organization.

The people of Lowry are good American citizens and are loyally devoted to our country in its present crisis as well as time of peace. Red Cross contributions have been liberal and every citizen stands ready to assist the government in whatever way he can in bringing the war to a successful issue.

The war has called into service one of its most prominent citizens, Dr. L. L. Gibbon who was given lieutenant commission. Dr. Gibbon had built up an extensive practice. His skill as a physician and surgeon attracted patients from far and wide. Within the past year, he completed the construction of a modern office, exceptionally well planned substantially constructed and splendidly equipped.

SOURCE: Glenwood Herald and Pope County Times -- Publishing date probably sometime in 1917. Article provided by Ruby Bennett.

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