Gurvin and Myra Femrite Family

Another family that has made a major contribution to Lowry is Gurvin and Myra Femrite. When George (Gurvinís father) and Dagny Gorder were married they built a home in 1927 in which Gurvin and Myra now reside (1-24-02). Nels Femrite and Anna (Gurvinís grandparents) lived on a farm south of St. Paulís cemetery. Nels and Anna had children: George (Gurvinís dad), Iver, and John who passed away very young, I believe he was a graduate or a student at St. Olaf College; Mae, who married Clarence Hagstrom (Happy); Claudia; and Norma (Mrs. Strandberg). Iver married Lillian Koudella. They had two children: John and his wife live in Dallas, Texas and Lillian (Dixie) is married and lives in the metro area. Mae and Clarence Hagstrom had three offspring; Allen, who was a Lutheran minister; John; and Olive Ann live at Lobster Lake. George and Dagny had three offspring: George Jr., Gurvin, and Annette who is married to John Kan live in the Chicago area. George and Iver farmed the Femrite land for many years and were some of the early farmers with mechanized machinery. Iver also managed the Lowry Telephone Company. from the beginning until he sold it to Paul and Waldo Ekstrand. 

Gurvin and Myra have three boys: Randy, Mark and Dan. Randy is married, for 11 years now and he has two sons, Sam and Billy and two step children, Ryan, who spent a year in Iraq and Christine and one daughter in law, Sheena. Also, he has one step-grandson, from Ryan, James. Mark now has two sons and Danny has a son and daughter. They also work at other jobs. George and Dagny purchased a home in Starbuck when Gurvin and Myra moved into the farmstead home. 

After Dagny passed away, George lived in the Minnewaska home for several years before he passed away. Anna Femrite was one of the earliest persons to use a hearing device. The Femrite family were very early members of St Paulís Lutheran Church which continues to this date 01/24/02. They have served many terms on town boards, school boards, church boards, and the Republican committee. They have made a very substantial contribution to the community.