Clarence August "Robie" Robieson, 96

Born August 12, 1918 in Dooley, Montana to James and Ellen (nee Owen) Robieson.

His dad was a station agent and the family had living quarters above the depot. He was born upstairs in the depot.

The family moved to Lowry, Minnesota when he was 5 years of age. He was one of 9 children, four brothers, James, Kenneth, Francis, Roy and four sisters, Ruby, Doris, Roberta and Laberta.

Clarence liked to brag that little brother Roy was his "chore". With 9 children you know there were chores. Clarence looked after little Roy as well as other jobs.

In rural Minnesota Clarence helped running electric wires to farm houses in the national "rural electrification" effort. He was therefore very adept at simple house wiring projects. He worked in a farm implement shop and learned how to tear down tractors and engines and rebuild them. He was therefore very handy taking good care of and troubleshooting car problems.

Clarence joined the Minnesota National Guard and very quickly got merged into the Army of the United States when Pearl Harbor was attacked and World War II was declared. He advanced from Infantry man to Officer. He served ultimately as an artillery officer in charge of anti-aircraft guns protecting Hawaii.

He was hospitalized at one time and met a young nurse. He saw her again and reminded Ruth of their former encounter. In a very short time they got engaged and then married.

Clarence worked in sales after the war and moved around some in California. In 1945 little Ruthann was born. Two years later came son Timothy Alan.

The family moved to upstate New York in 1950 for a corporate job with a manufacturer of window treatments and specialized fabrics.

Clarence said he knew after the first winter in the "Snowbelt" adjacent to Oswego, N.Y. it wasn't an if but a when they would be moving back to California. That "when" turned out to be 1958.

After working in several jobs around the state he returned to college and got a degree in teaching. He loved his second career teaching 4 & 5 graders.

Clarence and Ruth adopted a little Korean orphan who was 5 and a half years old. They flew to Korea on an old converted "Flying Tiger" cargo prop Jet with a plane full of others to collect their little ones. Robin was a delight and fully completed their family.

Clarence and Ruth moved a couple of times after retiring finally settling down at JKV. Clarence stayed very active for years. Clarence was one of the longest serving volunteers at the JKV workshop. He assisted the chaplain for a long time. In that endeavor he learned and maintained a remarkable ability with computers. At 96 plus years old he was on the web, ordering his hearing aid batteries, toothbrushes, sending emails and playing computer games on his Samsung Tablet. Most Sunday evenings he scheduled a "Skype" session with his Chicago "gang".

Clarence and Ruth were preceded in death by the untimely loss of both Ruthann and Robin from illnesses.

Clarence succumbed December 14, 2014 due to complications from an accidental fall and a major surgical attempt to repair his broken neck. He was 96 and 1/3 years young.

Clarence is survived by his wife Ruth, son, Timothy A. Robieson, DDS, and sisters, Doris Hoplin and Roberta Clayton. He is also survived by many grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces & nephews. His final resting place is at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. We praise God that we know he is in Heaven with Jesus!"