Lowry is located in  mid-western Minnesota about half-way between Minneapolis and Fargo. It is primarily a farming community, but it does have several manufacturing facilities. It has also become a bedroom community for many who work in neighboring towns as well as summer homes for many who winter down south. 

This is a small town, rather a village. Our population is around 284 persons and has not changed much over the years. We have added more homes, but then, we also have less children in each family. We are the poster child for small town America. 

In the Summer of 2002, The Lowry Group -- a collection of primarily old timers -- decided to document, both visually and written,  a history of Lowry. They photographed every building in the town and wrote a narrative of each house and business place. What resulted was a 85-page publication and a 45-minute CD, the later of which includes historical photos of the village. Please see the link -- "Our Home Town" -- on the left of this page for background on the documentation as well as the "Merchandise" link on how to order the booklet, CD, hats, caps, t-shirts. We recommend that those who are interested in creating their own home town documentation order the publication and CD to see how we did it. You can view the "sampler" of the publication and CD in the "Merchandise" link. 

This web site is primarily for those who live in the local area and for "alumni" -- people who were born and raised here and then moved to other areas. This web site is not intended to promote Lowry; but, rather to create a place where families can share photo album's, write about their recollections of living in Lowry, and for some to have a place for their autobiography.  We also wanted to highlight historical facts about the community and other items of interest. Of course, we invite all to share in the Lowry experience.

So enjoy and visit us often.

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