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Gospel Hall Sunday School - 1938 Hoplin & Neslon Hardware Store Lowry Hotel Dining Room Operator Inez Johnson at Lowry Telephone Switchboard Iver Engrebretson In Spanish American War Uniform
Jack Johnson Family - t-b - Nora, Jack, Earle, JoAnn, DeWayne, Ellwood John Weaver & Bud Olson at scrap iron drive for the war effort Klopps Grocery Store Lois Holden Lowry Aerial View
3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Lowry school boys around 1940 Lowry House Hotel Lowry Main Drag ) Early Lowry Telephone Book Display of Early Lowry Telephones
Lowry Main Drag in late '90s Interior of Lowry Roller Mills The Chan Boys Lowry Bowling Team Early Lowry Doctor's and Dentist

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