The following photographs reflect the Lowry of yesteryear. We have divided up the photos to four pages which will ensure faster loading. Hold the cursor over the photograph to get description; then click on the photo to enlarge it. To advance to the next page click on "More Photos" at the end of the graphic frames. If you want to return to the home page, click on "Return to Home Page."   

Lowry  Band circa 1906 Lowry Barber & Shoe Shine Chairs Bisek Store 1st. Lt. Bob Casper lost his life in training exercise during WWII L-Rt  Ruth Hoplin, Paul Hoplin, Bob Olson, Unidentified, and Donald Dingwall
Interior of Chan's Saloon Lowry 6th, 7th & 8th Grade Classroom Racer built by Happy Hagstrom with Driver Jack Johnson The Lowry Gang Dahl House Cafe
Dr. Gibbon's Snowmobile built by Happy Hagstrom Drug Store Interior Lowry Elevator and Lumber Engine on Buggy built by Happy Hagstrom The Lowry Flats -- a 4-unit apartment building
John Weaver & Lloyd Bjorklund, about 1942. Chester Bennett, Gordon Erlandson, DeWayne Johnson, Roy Robieson, Lester Dahlgren, & Harold Erlandson taken around 1946 J. A. Robieson Family: Front row left: Doris, Roberta, Laberta. Roy; back row left; Francis, Clarence, Ruby, Mother Ellen, James, Dad James. (Kenneth Missing  at CC Camp in northern MN). 1933 Donald Hoplin & Magnus taken on  8/21/24 Lowry Gospel Hall

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