David Hoplin's Distant Innocence

I have been writing a weekly blog about growing up in Lowry in the Ď50s - mainly for the entertainment of my family, but if youíd like a few chuckles at my expense, you can find the postings here:    http://ussbb62.blogspot.com/   (Look to the right side of the page to access the archives of  the blog and get former  latest issues)
It is a public blog.  Iím not sure Iíll keep up with the once-a-week episode but so far Iíve not lacked for topics.
Dave Hoplin

EDITOR'S NOTE:  When Dave sent me his blog I was blown away. It was what his dad --Glenn Hoplin -- and I had talked about when the "Lowry Group" was formed to document the history of Lowry and what growing up in our special village has meant to us. David's blog is not only very well written but it furnishes details that makes it a living document and brings back so many pleasant memories of our nurturing years.

Hopefully, this link will be updated weekly and furnish us with a good snapshot of events and people that made us who we are.